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Production of two-stage fan RVK 2500/2 on the impeller diameter 2500 mm

Firma KLIMA a.s. to 28 February 2010 conclude new deployment project a modern information management system for the whole company, which was once part of the modernization of the equipment design workplaces 3D programs. The picture shows the fan design RVK 2500/2, at which production is now underway.


Production of finished runner weighing 19 t for coal-fired power plants with a diameter of 3.5 m

KLIMA a.s. completed in the month of November 2009 the complete production and assembly of runners weighing 19 t, which used its long experience in the production of large impellers for fans and foreign customer gave to his great satisfaction of these perfectly balanced giants (see picture on the balancing stools). It is also possible to take a look at the attached photo data precision parts for another foreign customer for even larger impellers weighing 38 tons


Successful defense certificates DIN 18800, DIN 4119, DIN 4132 and DIN EN ISO 3834-2

The company in September and October, successfully defended certificates DIN 18800, DIN 4119, DIN 4132 and DIN EN ISO 3834-2. The company has also certified workers testing, ultrasonic method, penetration method and visual method. X ray testing by an external company that tries our nuclear power plants. That our company provides the full spectrum of tests on products in the company and is able to produce even the most demanding products in terms of customer requirements for testing.


Production storage tanks for hot water with pre-assembly

The company in October gave additional storage tank for which applied throughout the pre-production tanks in the company and a very quick assembly at the customer, this time in northern Bohemia. This tank has a volume of 130 m cubic.


Another new set of containers in production

Klima a.s. orientacion on the ecology manufactured and delivered more wide variety of different types of containers for their customers, and this service is offered to all companies that deal with waste collection. We manufacture containers from the smallest to the largest.


Accumulation hot water tank

KLIMA a.s. on 24 August 26, 2009 to complete the installation and all NDT testing of storage tanks for hot water and handed it to the customer. The accompanying photo finish on the tank and implementing the final hydrostatic and pneumatic test. In September and October will be passed to other customer's tank. The company this action further extends its reach in terms of installation for customers throughout the year and last year fulfills its purpose and there is a considerable expansion of assembly work. To date, the company has assembly center KLIMA, as has a capacity of 60 people, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.


New furnace controlled by computer

KLIMA a.s. has built a new workstation with 6 furnaces of size 1500x950x400 mm and one furnace 6200x1250x700 mm. These furnaces used for annealing shaft fans and other products from their range. This capacity offers to all potential customers. All of these ovens are computer controlled and is produced with a graph of the protocol during the annealing process.


Production of bulk waste containers

The orientation to ecological equipment company started producing bulk storage containers for waste. On June 1, 2009 our customer has taken over and successfully tested the bulk waste container. The whole design is the work of our technicians and customers appreciate a very simple design, its toughness, craftsmanship and last but not least especially easy handling of this container.


The successful recertification audit of ISO 9001:2008

On 25 and 26 May 2009 the company successfully passed recertification audit of the overall ISO 9001:2008. Auditors very positively evaluated continuously improving the working environment of the company and extensive investments in modern technological facilities in all areas of production, including extensive building repairs company.


Production covers with organic insulation and installation of complete piping and wiring

KLIMA a.s. managed intensive production of heating covers with organic insulation that is highly demanding in terms of production and maintain the cleanliness of dust in operation. At these manhole covers was also rengenování welds. Ready for dispatch hatches and their expedition April 14, 2009.

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