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ProjectProject presentation
2.2 ITP02/321 "New IS for Klima a.s."
CZ.1.04/2.1.00/03.00002 "Socially useful jobs"
2.2 ITP03/010 "Klima engineering"
3.1 EED03/108 "Energy savings of office building KLIMA a.s."
The introduction of a comprehensive system of education in general and vocational skills of employees pdf_small

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The company produces and delivers

  • Radial high-pressure ventilators with the impeller diameter up to 2800 mm, volume of air 180 m3s-1 and pressure 23 000 Pa
  • Medium-pressure ventilators with the impeller diameter up to 2000 mm, volume of air 70 m3s-1 and pressure 4 000 Pa
  • Axial overpressure ventilators with the impeller diameter up to 1000 mm, volume of air 15 m3s-1 and pressure 500 Pa
  • Special radial and axial ventilators
  • Separators
  • Steel welding constructions and products
  • Piping
  • Biomass dryers
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Other products according to the requirements of the client