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Steel processing


Laser cutting

TrueLaser 3040

Laser cutting machine TrueLaser 3040 / L32

Resonater TruFlow 4000W

table dimensions 4000 x 2000m


Construction steel 20mm
Corrosion-resistant austenitic steel 15mm
Alluminium alloys 10mm


Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting machine OMNICUT 3600 AKU


Cutting machine of robust portal design with excellent static and dynamic characteristics. The machine has a precise linear guidance system with ground steel rods and ground rack bars which do not need lubrication. The portal travels along robust and precise path, and is driven by powerful servodrives on both sides of the portal.


table size 2 500 x 12 000 mm
steel sheets and plates 5 ÷ 30 mm
Al and Al alloy sheets and plates 4 ÷ 15 mm
stainless sheets and plates 4 ÷ 15 mm

Oxygen cutting

Portal cutting machine Cortina for cutting structural steel up to thickness 170 mm

Table size: 2 x 6m


Sheetmetal cutting

Table shears PULLMAX GSA-430


sheet width 3 000 mm
sheet thickness 1 ÷10 mm
max. strength 450 MPa


Sheet folding

Edge bending machine with NC device TRUMABEND 200.3.F

  • forming force 200 t
  • bending length 3 000 mm without possibility of elimination of limit deviations and quality of metal sheet, worn bending tools and equipment
  • thickness 6 mm

Edge bending machine LO 315t

  • forming force 315 t
  • bend length up to 3 000 mm with possibility of elimination of limit deviations and quality of metal sheet
  • thickness 15 mm by length


Edge bending machine TruBend 5320TruBend 5320

  • press force 3200 kN
  • bending lenght 4420mm






Forming by eccentric presses

Eccentric press

  • LENP 63A
  • PEE 160
  • PEE 250/400

- punching, cutting, shallow drawing, levelling, cold bending in a forming tool with forming force 63 to 250 t without mechanization for mass production

Forming and levelling by hydraulic presses

Hydraulický lis

Hydraulic press

  • PYE 160
  • PYE 250
  • CLT 400

hydraulic press for pressing of shaped parts of fans in fixtures and tools and for mechanical levelling of big parts.


max. forming force 160 a 250 t
max. forming force without a holder 400 t
ram size 500 x 500 mm
table size 1 250 x 1 250 mm

Forming of lamella or socket flanges

Flanging machine HÄUSER BSM 6

cold forming to max. thickness P 6 a Rm - 400 MPa
range Ø Ø 445 ÷ 1 000 mm
lenght 350 ÷ 800mm
maximum flange height 64 mm
flare curve radius R R156 a 196 mm
common flange hole dimensions Ø 11,5 - 12 - 15 a 19 mm

Sheet rounding

Sheet rounding machines

  • XZM 2000/12
  • HÄUSLER VRME 1500/6
  • ROUNDO PS310


  • Sheet from 10mm up to width 3m
  • Sheet from 16mm up to width 3m , Ø < 900mm
  • Sheet 18mm up to width 3m, Ø < 1500mm
  • Sheet 19mm up to width 3m, Ø < 2500mm

Maximum Ø is 6000mm.


Planing of plate edges

Plate-edge planing machine HHP-6

It is used for planing of plate edges to remove the heat affected area after thermal cutting and for preparation of welded surfaces for manufacture of boilers, vessels and air handling equipment.


planing length 6 m
plate thickness 80 mm
planing tool angle 0° ÷ 35°