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History of the company

In 1962 the investor ČKD Praha began the construction of the factory for the production of bridge cranes. As of 1st January 1964 on the basis of the decision of the state, the investor was changed and the factory under construction was transferred on 1st January 1964 to the enterprise, ZVVZ Milevsko. In 1967 there was a trial operation and on 27th November 1967 the Prachatice plant was commissioned which permanently deals with the production of air ventilation products, in particular, radial fans, filters and separators, elements for pneumatic transport and other products for industrial purposes, the energy sector, production of construction materials and agriculture.

As of 1st November 1990 the company was changed to the independent joint-stock company KLIMA a.s. The company continues to be an important Czech producer and supplier of air ventilation equipment, a producer of parts and products for foreign customers, including contributing to the improvement of the cleanliness of air and problems in the area of ecology. KLIMA a.s. Prachatice is an important engineering company in the District of Prachatice in the South Bohemian region with a permanently increasing ratio of production for export primarily to EU countries.

Since 2007, the company has gone through the changes concerning the shareholders´ structure which have resulted in a transparent ownership. The company is completely owned by the Czech owners whose interest is solely focused on development of the company and its enterprise. This effort has been visibly demonstrated by many significant investments in various areas e.g. modernisation of production technologies, innovative and refurbishment works within the company premises. Last but not least, the company has gone through a substantial re-distribution of individual competencies and responsibilities between the company owners and an executive management.

We ensure quality according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 in the area of production, purchase and the sale of air ventilation equipment, steel construction and parts of the transport technology.

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The company produces and delivers

  • Radial high-pressure ventilators with the impeller diameter up to 2800 mm, volume of air 180 m3s-1 and pressure 23 000 Pa
  • Medium-pressure ventilators with the impeller diameter up to 2000 mm, volume of air 70 m3s-1 and pressure 4 000 Pa
  • Axial overpressure ventilators with the impeller diameter up to 1000 mm, volume of air 15 m3s-1 and pressure 500 Pa
  • Special radial and axial ventilators
  • Separators
  • Steel welding constructions and products
  • Piping
  • Biomass dryers
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Other products according to the requirements of the client