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Czech Republic

CZ Loko Special ventilators for locomotives
Tenza Radial ventilators
CLARAGE Radial and axial ventilators
Aireko Separators
ČZ Strakonice Furnace components
ČEZ Radial ventilators
EGE Containers for reactors
ESPI Steel constructions and steel wire rope drums
Cement Hranice Radial ventilators
CHEMPEX-HTE Radial ventilators
CHEMOPROJEKT Radial ventilators
První brněnská strojírna Radial ventilators
Sklárny Morávia Radial ventilators
Plzeňská energetika Radial ventilators
ČKD Chlazení High pressure tanks
Třinecké železárny Radial ventilators
Vítkovice Gearworks Steel construction and weldmets
Severočeské doly Separators
Engel Steel constructions

Other countries

EBNER Austria Annealing and heating furnaces, covers incl. complete wiring installation and pipeline assembly
GE Power Systems (Alstom) Germany Coal mill components - bater wheels (of weight up to 39 tons), Bearing housings, Pre-beater section parts
VENTEC Germany Radial ventilators
DANIELI Italy Roller teble conveyors for steel works
GAUTSCHI Germany Ventilators and leveling platforms
NICOTRA Gebhardt Germany Axial ventilators
SIROCCO LUFT Austria Radial ventilators
VOESTALPINE Austria Steel constructions and weldments
DUSLO Slovak Republic Radial ventilators
MAYFRAN Netherlands Centrifuges
Hofmann Austria Steel constructions
Junker Germany Annealing furnaces
IAVUU IMPEX Mongolia Separators
Autefa Austria Steel constructions

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The company produces and delivers

  • Radial high-pressure ventilators with the impeller diameter up to 2800 mm, volume of air 180 m3s-1 and pressure 23 000 Pa
  • Medium-pressure ventilators with the impeller diameter up to 2000 mm, volume of air 70 m3s-1 and pressure 4 000 Pa
  • Axial overpressure ventilators with the impeller diameter up to 1000 mm, volume of air 15 m3s-1 and pressure 500 Pa
  • Special radial and axial ventilators
  • Separators
  • Steel welding constructions and products
  • Piping
  • Biomass dryers
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Other products according to the requirements of the client