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Steel constructions

KLIMA, a.s. also produces various types of Welded Steel Structure products i.e. ( Liquid Storage Tanks, Multipurpose Containers, Frames, Machine base-frames, Platforms, Stairs, Railings etc.) according to customer´s documentation and technical requirements. The Steel Construction fabrication and assembly of parts of a maximum weight up to 20 tons.

Price & Delivery terms are submitted to our Customer in the Business-technical offer based on the particular inquiry.

Steel profile cutting

  • Disk saw machine TRENNJAEGER LTS 400
  • CNC band saw with linear guide MEBAeco 510 DGA-2300
  • Automatic disc saw TOS PKA13
  • Profile cutting press LEXN 100


round steel Ø 5 – 270 mm
other profiles (h x w) 700 x 500 mm
bevel cutting 30° – 50° (set individually)


Welding of steel structures and equipment up to weight of 20 tons from boiler plates, abrasion-resistant, refractory and stainless materials. The range of welding personnel qualification according to EN 287-1.

1. Arc welding with consumable wire electrode in inert / active gas (MIG/MAG method 131, 135, 136 ):

  • manual semi-automatic welding with solid or tube wire electrode – GMAW, FCAW

2. Manual metal-arc welding with coated electrode – MMA, SMAW ( method 111 )

3. TIG welding (method 141)

4. Testing of weld joints

Cold working

Section roll bending

  • implementation of the desired weld deposits with high hardness and wear resistance, repair of castings
    • XZP 50/7
    • XZP 100/12
    • XZP 125/15

Profile bending roll PULLMAX 223


  • PLO 20 x 3 up to 120 x 15 mm at Ø 300 up to 6 000 mm
  • Profile T, L 20 x 3 up to 125 x 125x14 at Ø 300 up to 6 000 mm
  • 4 HR up to 70 x 70 mm at Ø 1 250 up to 6 000 mm (divided)
  • U, I 50 up to 220 mm at Ø 1 400 up to 6 000 mm (divided)


Heat treatment



HM406T is fully automated, six-channel unit for heat treatment, preheating and annealing of metallic parts. Thyristor controlled output power enables using various sizes of heating elements. Setting, control, monitoring and documentation of heat treatment parameters is carried out by Heatmasters Control System.



temperature range 20 ÷ 1200 °C
heating output 40,0 kW, ED 100%
number of heating channels 6 á 100 A
dimensions (w x l x h)

600 x 1020 x 600 mm
1200 x 5500 x600 mm
1900 x 2300 x 1700 mm


Blaster RS-R 2050/VSD



This is a continuous shot-blast machine with roller track, control of force and flow direction of abrasive (steel shots or steel wire blasting medium), for removal of rust and scale from metallurgical semiproducts, weldments or machine parts and for preparation of substrates before application of paints and related products. Sa 2.5 surface quality.


dimensions of metallurgical semi-products:

maximum lenght 12 000mm
maximum width 2000mm
height 500mm


Surface treatment of products by application of paints

Paint systems and surface preparation according to technical standard ČSN EN ISO 12944.

  • Surface treatment before application of paints:
  1. 50 % of used metallurgical semiproducts are shot-blasted before cutting or after welding according to standards ČSN EN ISO 8501.
  2. Before finishing the products are degreased with the use of aqueous solution of a cleaning agent or organic degreasing agent by hand washing or spraying.
  3. The workplace is formed by a closed degreasing and drying box 4.8 x 6 x 5 m with a crane of lifting capacity of 1 t.
  • Application of paints:
  1. Solvent-borne synthetic, polyurethane and epoxy two-component paints are used.
  2. The paints are applied by manual high-pressure spraying.
  3. The workplace is formed by a closed spray and drying box 4.5 x 15 x 5 m, with a crane of lifting capacity of 1 t. The working area is completed by an auxiliary area of 390 m2 with a crane of lifting capacity of 12 t and a fork-lift truck.